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Marketing Strategy

Marketing companies, today, offer all kids of fancy solution to every organization without considering the needs for it. At Foxtron, we go extra mile to understand your strategic requirements and offer solutions that best fits you and would generate maximum value for you. In our world every organization is differentiated and offered a tailor-made strategy.

Business Consulting

We work with you to build a go-to-market plan for your organization, we will find out for you, what you should sell, when you should sell, how you should sell, to whom you should sell and at what price. When it comes to business consulting, we go the extra mile to make you successful. We are passionate about consulting and that’s where we started our career from.

Digital Marketing

In present situation, any business big or small needs a digital presence, Digital presence is not just a luxury today but a necessity. If you are not digital your end is near. We help you go digital, quickly and smoothly. In our approach, you are at the center of everything. We’ll keep you updated on every little development. With Foxtron, there are no surprises in your digital journey.

Building website – Hire Marketer!

Your website is your business’s online face, it should be in line with your business and should reflect positively. Lots of businesses make this mistake, their website is misaligned with their business and the reason behind is they hire web development companies instead of marketing companies. Web developers are extremely good with website design but do you even need it? Ask a marketer! A professional marketer will not only help you build a website that’s relevant to your business but will also ensure it is visible to the relevant audiences. This will save you a lot of money as well as keep you relevant to your customer.

Our Services

Website Design

A professional marketer will not only help you build a website that’s relevant to your business but will also ensure it is visible to relevant audience.

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Millions of people search billions of things online, how would your website show up in such searches. A perfect SEO is an answer to this problem. We at Foxtron,

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E-commerce Strategy

If you are looking at e-commerce, Foxtron got you covered. We can do your e-commerce strategy, your online profile and also your photo shoot/videos for the online

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Brand Strategy

Your brand speaks volumes about you. Most of your customers trust your brand more than anything and so you need to have a consistent and robust brand

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Market Research

Any business plan is as accurate as the data behind it. Our expertise lies in building and analyzing data. We are driven by numbers, if it doesn’t work on computers it rarely

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Email Marketing

We are a creative lot and that reflects in everything that we do. Our email campaigns are innovative and result driven. We send your customers what they

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Design and Graphics

We do it for you, not to bill you extra but to make your brand stand out in the market. For this reason, we don’t charge extra for designing and graphics.

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Videos for Success

Story telling is what we do best and it reflects on every aspect of our offering. When it comes to creating, editing or repurposing videos – we are your company of choice. We

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Marketing Collateral

Get your prospects and customers excited and willing to buy your services – We will get your industry’s most creative and interesting collateral. Our

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We work as an extension of your Marketing Team